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Educating the public about space policy, space exploration, and space in general

Welcome to The SIFUA Foundation's LiveJournal Community

A Brief History of SIFUA

SIFUA Foundation, Inc. was founded in an effort to educate the general public as to the benefits space exploration has on their daily lives. The benefits of continued space exploration vary from advancements in electronics technologies to the long term survival of our species itself. Over the last fifty years the various countries of the world have been in a race to explore the wonders of space. The real race is not against one another; however, so much as it is against time. With that in mind SIFUA was formed to show that Space Is For Us All.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support, substantiate, and advocate the utilization of space as a valid solution to the hardships on earth through the advancement of scientific knowledge for the masses. This advancement of knowledge will work to better humanity as a people while ensuring our survival as a species.

Our Vision

Our Vision is every man, woman, and child, regardless of sex, race, or religion, living free of economic, geographic, educational, and environmental hardship through the exploration and utilization of the nearly endless resources available in space.

Our Values

Our values we live by are Informed Advancement, Shared Knowledge, and Determined Action. There is no advancement made without a firm understanding of the reasons and implications of such advancement. A sharing of knowledge where all parties concerned are involved in educating one another is needed before action can be successfully planned. Determined action is needed to make use of that knowledge and stay the course once set.

Why LiveJournal? Where else can I find SIFUA online?

The SIFUA Foundation created this LiveJournal Community to extend our presence into the world of LiveJournal. Our desire to educate as many people as possible brought us to LiveJournal as there are many different people to be reached here.

We can also be found elsewhere on the web at:

Our Main Site

Our MySpace Group for articles and networking

How can I help?

There are a number of ways to help out:

I. Tell someone about The SIFUA Foundation and what we stand for. Spread the word!

II. Share your passion about space with a friend, family member, or co-worker. Generate Interest!

III. Are you a writer? Submit an article for consideration in our newsletter. Educate others!

IV. Donate your talents to one of The SIFUA Foundation's programs. Shine while furthering our Mission!

V. Become a member of The SIFUA Foundation. Show your support while supporting our Mission!

VI. Donate directly to The SIFUA Foundation. Your dollar makes our Mission possible!

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